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I’ve published on 16th Friday the last release that fix several bugs and performance issue. I strongly recommend to update your previous version.

I’ve also added the menu item to let you restore your tans directly from document storage. (2114)

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Aac Talking Tabs 1.4.2

I’ve just published  the new version, 1.4.2, that fixes the problem of compatibility with lollipop (drag and drop is enabled again, such as the book menu) and the bug during the update of the main image of the table (in case you want to use an arasaac library image).
I added the ability to recover the backup from documents. In this way we also have the ability to easily retrieve previously saved backup on Google Drive.

I want to remind you that the easiest way to save the backup on Google Drive is using the “Backup and share.” menu option.

I also updated the application icon.

aac-512x512 (1837)

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Aac Talking Tab 1.4.0

As usual this summer I started to do some updating. First of all now you can download the ARASAAC images library and use them within the application. There are more than 9000 images and you are able of search them in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I spent many times to fix translations, remove duplicates, and for the Italian, add translations for those pictures (especially in Spanish) not included in the Italian package. Likely that some translations are not correct (there were more than 1200 new images …). The description in the other languages are exactly the ones from ARASAAC library. With some help of google translator I’ll include more translation on other languages with future release (the Spanish library is the base for the others)

It takes also a long time to test the download of images (approximately 42 MB) and to test the update I have to do for previous application version (actual version is 41, previous is 40). In fact to include the new library I had to redesign the database so, if someone has indexed libraries, the first time the application needs to do a re-indexing. DO NOT stop it, but if by chance it happens, it’s not a problem. Just go to Indexed Images menu, proceed to uncheck directories manually indexed, check them again and index them again.
Obviously, if someone has already indexed ARASAAC images, it should be better if you remove them from the indexed images, better if before the upgrade. In this way, the upgrade will be faster and you’ll not found any double images during searching.
Last thing, I solved some bug and the Book menu item is active. It is still a bit rough and I have to prepare a demos; that’s my next target.
Very Last thing. I was contacted by Google for its Google Play for Education program making the proposal to participate with AAC Talking Tab. These are applications that google is promoting to introduce the tablet in school (United States for sure …).So I submitted them the application and they verify and found it suitable, and now it’s officially included in their program.
Just a little satisfaction for me…

For those ones who are afraid for new permission required for the upgrade, here there are:

These are necessary just for downloading the expansion pack with the ARASAAC images, so nothing to be afraid.

On attached pictures you can see the necessary steps  for upgrading on a 7” tablet.

ARASAAC Symbols License
Pictographic symbols used are a property of CATEDU(http://catedu.es/arasaac /) under Creative Commons License and they have been created by Sergio Palao





Upgrading to 1.4.0 -1st step Upgrading to 1.4.0 -2nd step Upgrading to 1.4.0 -3rd step Searching example (2336)

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Aac Talking Tabs 1.3.4 published

Some users have found a bug on Simple Tabs (forgive me) I’ve just resolved as fast as possible on rel. 1.3.4.

They have suggested some improvements I’ll take care of them as soon I finish my plan about aac books and image library. See you soon….. (2014)

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Aac Talking Tabs 1.3.3 published

After some test and fix, a new release is available on the market.

New simple tabs mode is available. Again, a short description: instead of searching the images swiping tabs, there are on the left side, 11 common use buttons (again, enough, yes, no, now, later, ecc. ecc.) plus a dashboard with 8 buttons which open the tabs. If you see the picture you can easily understand what I mean.

It should be simpler for some kind of people but, I’ve to say, I prefer the classic Talking Tabs mode



Due to many things to show on the screen, sometimes the ad banners reduce usable area. Furthermore many users ask me to pay something to get rid of them.  So I introduced a Aac Talking Tabs Donate key application for this purpose. Anyway both ad-version and full version will have same functions, so feel free to use the free version.

Aac Talking Tabs Donate Key


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Battery Eta published

After updating my phone to version 4.4, it happened frequently that the receiver ceases to respond to changes of the battery level. I had to do several tests during these weeks and I think I’ve fixed the problem.

There was even a problem on Alarm Threshold settings in languages other than italian

Furthermore, thanks to a user suggestion, I’ve added a new setting:  you can choose the normalized max value on daily graph, to let them be more readable. The standard value was 50%/h but most of the time 20%/h  is a more suitable value for nowadays smartphone. (2402)

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